MassWorks sCLIPS

Cerno Bioscience, in co-operation with Dr Vladimir Tolstikov of the Genome Centre, UC Davis, has launched the MassWorks sCLIPS for use with high resolution FT-ICR mass spectrometers. By using Cerno's calibration techniques, users of high mass accuracy instruments can improve results of formula identification and obtain higher quality, reproducible data through accurate line-shape calibration. The sCLIP technology, when applied to FT-ICP MS data, corrects the instrument line shape and enables exact isotope modelling when comparing the MS response of an unknown ion against theoretically calculated responses for all possible candidate formulae. One of the benefits of the approach is that it requires no known calibration ions and, instead, utilises the fully-resolved mono-isotopic peak of the unknown ion itself for the line-shape calibration.

Cerno Bioscience
Issue: 20/04
RSN: 107

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