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Cost-efficient mid-infrared dual-comb spectrometer

8 March 2023 | Product
by Ian Michael

IRsweep has released release its latest spectrometer product, the IRis-C. It utilises dual-comb spectroscopy and quantum cascade laser frequency combs and is more compact, less complex and, with prices starting in the five-digit range (EUR/USD), significantly more cost-effective. Similar to IRsweep’s previous dual-comb spectrometers, the IRis-C offers a unique combination of high speed, high signal-to-noise ratio per time, as well as optical power.

The new spectrometer is based on dual-comb spectroscopy—a Nobel-prize winning method that provides high-resolution, high-speed analysis of the molecular composition of samples. The light sources used in the spectrometer are quantum cascade laser frequency combs, which are known for their stability and high optical power in spectroscopy applications. The spectrometer’s compact size and cost-effectiveness make it ideal for a variety of settings, including academic and industrial research. The modular approach of separating emission and detection unit further makes it suitable for integration into field applications ranging from stand-off detection to process monitoring.